Do you want to help us?


This project is running complete free for you as a user. But us cost the server, licenses and other technical stuff much money. We provide you a highly custom experience with the touch of retail for free! Anytime.

But if you want to help us, donate some coins to us and we could do more for you as player and for us as serverowner.

First of all. Thanks that you read this text, that you play by us and that you think about to promote us.


Ok, i want to help. How works?


Simple. Choose one of the donationpacks you want. Write down you playername in the donation formular and send it to us. If you are finish you press on Send and lets go.

Please! Dont forget to wrote down your name. Without it we cant provide you anything.


Low Grade Donation







5,00 € Donation includes:

  • 5x Midnight Stones
  • 100x Midnight Shards




Mid Grade Donation







10,00€ Donation includes:

  • 12x Midnight Stones




High Grade Donation







25,00€ Donation includes:

  • 28x Midnight Stones
  • 200x Midnight Shards
  • 1x Title Color Change




1. All donations are final and non-refundable.
2.You do not receive any service or product.
3.Any attempt to fraud donation system will lead to permanent removal of your account(s).
4.You understand that this is a voluntary donation.
5.You agree with the terms of use of L2MidNight

If you do not agree with any of this terms, please do not send any donation. Donations are mainly used, to cover SVN’s payment, domain’s, web-hosting,for making deals with other companies that will offer discount to L2MidNight user’s and more.